SAM ANACHUNAM by the grace of God is the Pastor of Glory of God Mountain of Life Ministry, a life transforming church in London.Uniquely called into the ministry by God who said to him “Arise I am with you, go to the Nations of the world, preach my word, heal the people, do the work of deliverance”. His unique mandate speaks of raising a people of glory and enforcing the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the earth through the word of Deliverance, showing the people the way to heaven. He is a teacher, a prolific writer, a conference speaker, Endowed by God with a unique Anointing of the Holy Spirit for end-time salvation characterized by signs and wonders.

Today, this word of deliverance is working like fire and God is confirming His word with signs and wonders following, and Men and women are being released into their glorious destinies across the Nations.


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